Conference Program Overview

Conference Program Overview

This is the final program of the conference. If you have signed in to My Schedule, you can add papers to your own personalised list, ordered by time of presentation.

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Thu - Thursday
Ses0 - 08:30 - 09:30
Ses1 - 10:00 - 12:00
Ses2 - 13:30 - 15:30
Ses3 - 16:00 - 18:00
K - Keynote
O - Oral
P - Poster
S - Special
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Sunday 26 September 2010
08:30Tutorials Registration (to 16:45)
09:15Tutorial T-S1-R1 Discriminative Training - Fundamentals and Applications [301]
09:15Tutorial T-S1-R2 Foundations of Statistical Machine Translation: Past, Present and Future [302]
09:15Tutorial T-S1-R3 Speech and Language Technology for Linguists and other Human Scientists [303]
13:00Tutorial T-S2-R1 Conditional Random Fields and Direct Decoding for Speech and Language Processing [301]
13:00Tutorial T-S2-R2 Mobile Voice Search [302]
13:00Tutorial T-S2-R3 Multilingual Speech Processing - Rapid Language Adaptation Tools and Technologies [303]
14:00Conference Registration (to 19:00)
15:45Coffee Break
16:15Tutorial T-S3-R1 Kernel Engineering for Fast and Easy Design of Natural Language Applications [301]
16:15Tutorial T-S3-R2 Meeting Recognition [302]
16:15Tutorial T-S3-R3 Medical Speech Processing - Pathologies, Treatment Assistance, Clinical Trials [303]
Monday 27 September 2010
09:00Conference Registration (to 17:00)
10:00Opening Ceremony [Hall A/B]
11:00Keynote 1 [Hall A/B]
 Mon-Ses1-K: Keynote 1: Steve Young - Still Talking to Machines (Cognitively Speaking) [Hall A/B]
13:30Conference Session Mon-Ses2
 Mon-Ses2-O1: ASR: Acoustic Models I [Hall A/B]
Mon-Ses2-O2: Spoken dialogue systems I [201A]
Mon-Ses2-O3: Speech Perception I: Factors Influencing Perception [201B]
Mon-Ses2-O4: Prosody: Models [302]
Mon-Ses2-P1: Speech Synthesis I: Unit Selection and Others [International Conference Room A]
Mon-Ses2-P2: ASR: Search, Decoding and Confidence Measures I [International Conference Room B]
Mon-Ses2-P3: Special-purpose speech applications [International Conference Room C]
Mon-Ses2-P4: Speech analysis [International Conference Room D]
Mon-Ses2-S1: Special Session: Models of Speech - In Search of Better Representations [301]
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Conference Session Mon-Ses3
 Mon-Ses3-O1: Systems for LVCSR [Hall A/B]
Mon-Ses3-O2: Speaker characterization and recognition I [201A]
Mon-Ses3-O3: Source separation [201B]
Mon-Ses3-O4: Speech Synthesis II: HMM-based Speech Synthesis [302]
Mon-Ses3-O5: Multi-modal signal processing [301]
Mon-Ses3-P1: Paralanguage [International Conference Room A]
Mon-Ses3-P2: ASR: Speaker Adaptation, Robustness Against Reverberation [International Conference Room B]
Mon-Ses3-P3: Language learning, TTS, and other applications [International Conference Room C]
Mon-Ses3-P4: Pitch and glottal-waveform estimation and modeling I [International Conference Room D]
19:00Welcome Reception, Hotel New Otani Makuhari
Tuesday 28 September 2010
08:00Conference Registration (to 17:00)
08:30Keynote 2 [Hall A/B]
 Tue-Ses0-K: Keynote 2: Tohru Ifukube - Sound-based Assistive Technology Supporting "Seeing", "Hearing" and "Speaking" for the Disabled and the Elderly [Hall A/B]
09:30Coffee Break
10:00Conference Session Tue-Ses1
 Tue-Ses1-O1: Robust ASR [Hall A/B]
Tue-Ses1-O2: Language and dialect identification [201A]
Tue-Ses1-O3: Technologies for learning and education [201B]
Tue-Ses1-O4: Emotional Speech [302]
Tue-Ses1-P1: Speech Synthesis III: HMM-based Speech Synthesis [International Conference Room A]
Tue-Ses1-P2: New Paradigms in ASR I [International Conference Room B]
Tue-Ses1-P3: Speech Production I: Various Approaches [International Conference Room C]
Tue-Ses1-P4: Speech enhancement [International Conference Room D]
Tue-Ses1-S1: Special Session: Open Vocabulary Spoken Document Retrieval [301]
13:30Conference Session Tue-Ses2
 Tue-Ses2-O1: ASR: Language Modeling [Hall A/B]
Tue-Ses2-O2: Speaker characterization and recognition II [201A]
Tue-Ses2-O3: Single-channel speech enhancement [201B]
Tue-Ses2-O4: Speech Synthesis IV: Miscellaneous Topics [302]
Tue-Ses2-P1: Prosody: Basics & Applications [International Conference Room A]
Tue-Ses2-P2: ASR: Feature Extraction I [International Conference Room B]
Tue-Ses2-P3: Speech Perception II: Cross Language and Age [International Conference Room C]
Tue-Ses2-P4: SLP systems [International Conference Room D]
Tue-Ses2-S1: Special Session: Fact and Replica of Speech Production [301]
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Conference Session Tue-Ses3
 Tue-Ses3-O1: ASR: Acoustic Models II [Hall A/B]
Tue-Ses3-O2: Language Processing [201A]
Tue-Ses3-O3: Speech and audio segmentation [201B]
Tue-Ses3-O4: Prosody: Analysis [302]
Tue-Ses3-P1: Speaker characterization and recognition III [International Conference Room A]
Tue-Ses3-P2: Systems for LVCSR and rich transcription [International Conference Room B]
Tue-Ses3-P3: Phonetics [International Conference Room C]
Tue-Ses3-P4: Speech Production II: Vocal Tract Modeling and Imaging [International Conference Room D]
Tue-Ses3-S1: Special Session: Quality of Experiencing Speech Services [301]
18:15ISCA General Assembly [Hall A/B]
19:15Student Reception, Y's Buffet
Wednesday 29 September 2010
08:00Conference Registration (to 17:00)
08:30Keynote 3 [Hall A/B]
 Wed-Ses0-K: Keynote 3: Chiu-yu Tseng - Beyond Sentence Prosody [Hall A/B]
09:30Coffee Break
10:00Conference Session Wed-Ses1
 Wed-Ses1-O1: ASR: Acoustic Model Adaptation [Hall A/B]
Wed-Ses1-O2: SLP systems for information extraction/retrieval [201A]
Wed-Ses1-O3: Speech representation [201B]
Wed-Ses1-O4: Voice Conversion [302]
Wed-Ses1-P1: Prosody: Language-specific models [International Conference Room A]
Wed-Ses1-P2: ASR: Language Modeling and Speech Understanding I [International Conference Room B]
Wed-Ses1-P3: First and second language acquisition [International Conference Room C]
Wed-Ses1-P4: Spoken language resources, systems and evaluation I [International Conference Room D]
Wed-Ses1-S1: Special Session: Speech Intelligibility Enhancement for All Ages, Health Conditions, and Environments [301]
13:30ISCA-SAC Student Panel Session [301]
13:30Conference Session Wed-Ses2
 Wed-Ses2-O1: ASR: Search, Decoding and Confidence Measures II [Hall A/B]
Wed-Ses2-O2: Spoken language resources, systems and evaluation II [201A]
Wed-Ses2-O3: Speech Production III: Analysis [201B]
Wed-Ses2-O4: Paralanguage & Cognition [302]
Wed-Ses2-P1: Robust ASR Against Noise [International Conference Room A]
Wed-Ses2-P2: Speaker characterization and recognition IV [International Conference Room B]
Wed-Ses2-P3: Voice Conversion and Speech Synthesis [International Conference Room C]
Wed-Ses2-P4: Detection, classification, and segmentation [International Conference Room D]
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Conference Session Wed-Ses3
 Wed-Ses3-O1: ASR: Lexical and Pronunciation Modeling [Hall A/B]
Wed-Ses3-O2: Speaker recognition and diarization [201A]
Wed-Ses3-O3: Speech and audio classification [201B]
Wed-Ses3-O4: Emotion Recognition [302]
Wed-Ses3-P1: Speech coding, modeling, and transmission [International Conference Room A]
Wed-Ses3-P2: ASR: Language Modeling and Speech Understanding II [International Conference Room B]
Wed-Ses3-P3: Speech Perception III: Processing and Intelligibility [International Conference Room C]
Wed-Ses3-P4: Spoken Language Understanding and Spoken Language Translation I [International Conference Room D]
Wed-Ses3-S1: Special Session: Compressive Sensing for Speech and Language Processing [301]
19:00Conference Banquet, Apa Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari
Thursday 30 September 2010
08:00Conference Registration (to 17:00)
08:30Special Highlight Session (to 12:00) [Hall A/B]
 Thu-SHS: Speech Translation Technology: Communication beyond Language Barriers [Hall A/B]
09:30Coffee Break
10:00Conference Session Thu-Ses1
 Thu-Ses1-O2: Physiology and Pathology of Spoken Language [201A]
Thu-Ses1-O3: Pitch and glottal-waveform estimation and modeling II [201B]
Thu-Ses1-O4: ASR: Feature Extraction II [302]
Thu-Ses1-P1: Speaker diarization [International Conference Room A]
Thu-Ses1-P2: Multi-Modal ASR, Including Audio-Visual ASR [International Conference Room B]
Thu-Ses1-P3: Speaker and language recognition [International Conference Room C]
Thu-Ses1-P4: Source localization and separation [International Conference Room D]
Thu-Ses1-S1: Special Session: Social Signals in Speech [301]
13:30Conference Session Thu-Ses2
 Thu-Ses2-O1: New Paradigms in ASR II [Hall A/B]
Thu-Ses2-O2: Spoken Language Understanding and Spoken Language Translation II [201A]
Thu-Ses2-O3: Signal processing for music and song [201B]
Thu-Ses2-O4: Modeling first language acquisition [302]
Thu-Ses2-P1: ASR: Acoustic Models III [International Conference Room A]
Thu-Ses2-P2: Spoken dialogue systems II [International Conference Room B]
Thu-Ses2-P3: Discourse and Dialogue [International Conference Room C]
Thu-Ses2-P4: Voice activity and turn detection [International Conference Room D]
Thu-Ses2-S1: Special Session: INTERSPEECH 2010 Paralinguistic Challenge [301]
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Closing Ceremony [Hall A/B]